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Texas Star Flag Pole Ornament $36
Texas Star Gold Metal Flagpole Ornament Height 6-3/4 in and Width 4-1/4 inch.
List Price: $59.00
Discounted Price: From $38.00 to $40.00

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 Out Texas Lone Star Flagpole ornament is used to top off a flagpole in the State of Texas. These are displayed proudly in Texas Schools, Cities, Counties and State Buildings. Also you this ornament for parade use.Why the Lone Starwhat did it symbolize? Some say it was a proclamation of independence and carried that meaning since the filibustering expedition of James Long in 1819. Others say it represented Texass leadership among Mexicans partisans in revolt to restore the Constitution of 1824.  Others believe it indicated the desire of many Texans to emulate and join the United States (a desire fulfilled with the annexation of 1845).  In 1933, the Texas state legislature codified the colors of red, blue and white as representations of bravery, loyalty, and purity.
Today most people associate the Lone Star with a feisty spirit of independence characteristic of true Texans. Businesses, festivals, and individuals adopt the symbol as a way to express their identity and allegiance. The Lone Star appears on car dealerships, restaurants, monuments, engraved invitations. The Texas state quarter, issued in 2004, shows a prominent Lone Star superimposed over the shape of the state. At its unveiling, Governor Rick Perry explained the message underlying the coins design: The Lone Star is one of the most identifiable symbols of Texas. . . . Its continued presence today reminds people that Texans are a different breed, set apart by their fierce individualism.
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