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Flag American Co.
STEEL FLAGPOLES 160 FT Pole, $ 43,500, call for larger pole pricing
160 FT TO 400 FT White Steel Flagpole with Electric Winch Internal Halyard , complete with all accessories for in ground installation. Please email us for trucking company freight costs to add to pricing. Email us at
Discounted Price: $59,500.00

Detailed Description

Please email us for trucking company freight costs to add to pricing. Email us at


160 ft  flagpole

200 ft flagpole

250 ft flagpole

300 ft flagpole

400 ft flagpole

    Our 160 ft to 400 ft  Steel Flagpoles  engineered to meet ANSI/NAAMM FP-1001-97 Guide Specifications for Design Loads of Metal Flagpoles. Giant flagpoles are designed and manufactured to meet all local wind code & ice loading requirements across the United States. Based on information provided by the customer. 

    Flagpole Construction: Each flagpole is constructed of A-36 Carbon Steel, which offers a 36,000 PSI Yield Point. Each section is joined utilizing seamless steel concentric reducers, which provides a uniform taper-like appearance. In addition to matching touch-up paint, each flagpole will come with a standard corrugated steel foundation sleeve with a steel base plate and lightning spike.

    Hardware: Each flagpole will come with an Internal Stainless Steel Winch System, which includes the following: Heavy Duty Revolving Truck Ball Assembly with 1.25" Stainless Steel Spindle, 1/8" Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable, Locking Stainless Steel Internal Winch w/ Removable Handle, Beaded Retainer Rings, Counterweight, Large Stainless Steel Snap hooks, Connecting Links, and Flag Arrangement. 

    Our steel flagpoles are first sand-blasted to prepare the entire surface of the flagpole to receive primer. Then, they are coated with a high performance, two-component chemically cured epoxy semi-gloss primer in preparation for painting. Finally, the finish is completed with an aliphatic urethane gloss enamel, which is specifically designed for maximum gloss & color retention.

    Warranty: There is a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer on shaft only (contact us for warranty info)

     Due to the volatility of the cost for steel, prices  are subject to change without notice

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